May 5, 2014

Poonam Pandey arrested by Mumbai cops


Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey arrested late on Friday night from Mira road in Mumbai, for allegedly behaving indecently in public.
Apparently, the Nasha babe was caught in an inappropriate situation while in the car with a male friend. She was immediately arrested by the cops but soon released after a strict warning.

The controversial queen soon took to Twitter and revealed her side of the story. Claiming that the “male friend” with her inside the car was none other than her brother and that they were only listening to music.

“Listening to songs in the car is not an ‘indecent behavior’. Please stop spreading such kind of news about me,” tweeted Poonam.

Later, speaking to a popular tabloid, Poonam said: “Let me clarify this, I was not arrested. I was questioned by the cops and it was a very traumatic situation for me. I was hanging out with my brother, and even the cops knew that. But the moment they came to know that I am Poonam Pandey, a celebrity, they asked me to come to the station with them. Initially, I did not agree, but later I had to give in as they were trying to create a scene. But I am still wondering what my fault was actually. Was I paying the price for being a celebrity?”

The cops however had a different story altogether. Confirms one of them: “We had to let her go after giving her a warning. It was a public place and she was indulging in some kind of indecent activity with a man. We got a call from the people in the building in the area and had to intervene. We proceeded according to the Bombay Police Act and did our job. We don’t care if she is a celebrity or not.”

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