Feb 25, 2014

Most Highly Paid Actors In Bollywood in 2014

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of the zeroes, we wonder how they do it! While the female Bollywood newbies still manage to rake in the big bucks, when it comes to the actors – old is definitely getting all the old. Check out the 7 Most Highly Paid Actors In Bollywood:

 Shah Rukh Khan
We’ve spent years swooning over this gorgeous actor but if only you knew how much moolah he makes, you’d be out cold before you let out a sigh. SRK was reportedly paid over thirty-five crores for Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Aamir Khan
He’s on a mission to change the world and is getting paid handsomely for it! Aamir, reportedly, was paid 45 crores for Dhoom 3. There have also been reports of 80 crore-endorsement deals. Excuse us while we go catch our breath.

 Salman Khan
If you are a founding member of the 100 crore club, it isn’t surprising that you’ll be rewarded with your weight in gold. Producers prepare to shell out an upwards of 50 crores to associate with this Bollywood biggie.

Akshay KumarThis action man’s bank account sure sees a lot of action. We hear Akshay charges an upwards for forty crores per film!

Hrithik RoshanHe’s been associated with his home production for a while but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t charge exhorbitantly. Bollywood’s resident superhero charged over 30 crores for Krrish 3.

Ranbir Kapoor
Relatively new to feature on this list but Ranbir is definitely B’Town royalty. After major successes like ‘Barfi!’ and ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, RK has joined the big league. 

Saif Ali KhanHe might be off the circuit for a bit but that doesn’t stop Bollywood nawab from demanding over twenty crores per film. Let’s not even get to endorsements! We presume, together, Kareena and Saif could bail out third world countries.

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